Fall Wishlist


Inspired by: Flare Oct 2008
Store: Forever 21

Mind blowing stellar shoes of the season

$19.00 | Black

$19.00 | Black

$22.80 | Black

$22.80 | Black

$32.80 | Black

$32.80 | Black

I’m so sold.


warning #1


My charade of being late for work has finally reached its last day – today (Sept 16)

My director turns out to be anal about punctuality. And I think “So what? … why should it matter?” … because this is how I like to come into work … walk in with a snug noose nicely fit around my neck ready to hang myself off the ceiling.

oh … well I don’t know C, maybe you’re risking your job?

Last time I checked (which was today), it just so happens my job is NOT life long dream to work in a long life career. So, jerk off if you happen to love your job that much. I don’t live in a pretentious obnoxious world (omg, surprise!!!) , so there’s no need to rub it in and eat it down yourself. (check out McDonald’s and see if you have any luck finding the reaction you’re looking for there.

I apologize for the rudeness … but honestly, who seriously loves their job right now?

I might be young, or, what they like to call, inexperienced – but knowing the fact that this is the moment in my life to be reacting as if tomorrow was my last and I couldn’t manage to bring that sought out happiness I’m looking to earn for myself and my family. To end, allow me to spell it out for you …

… it sucks chicken’s balls.

Note: No matter the ridiculous amount of work I’ve been given and the expectations I’m suppose to provide, I’ll stick it out and pull through it. I can never allow myself to turn challenges down for not being able to perform. Of course I want to show them the potential and more I can do. Maybe they’re not doing the job in providing me the tools, resources and common sense, but most importantly motivation. It’s funny. Ironically, I’m suppose to be the incentive associate around these grounds.

Even the best of its best, need the best.

to my man


you need not worry




I know what you’re probably thinking. But this time it wasn’t me. Honest

The ladies celebrated a girlfriend’s birthday over the weekend, and well .. we all know how parties end. Original title or what?

And so two of us got hammed, and we made the best of it for as long as it could.

To suggest a few tips:
#1 – Never assume you’re superman by trying to sweep more than 1 drunk person on your back. Most likely, one lucky candidate will end up losing their grip and falling gracefully flat on their face.

#2 – If you’re the designated driver, always make a trip to Costco before any party, and purchase two bulks of heavy duty paper towels. They always come in handy and you tend to need more than 1.

#3 – Take a shower after you finally get home. No matter how late it is, or how tired you are, never ever  wake up the next  morning with puke stained arms and a sticky solid hair. You just might scream.

And so, it was the best of times, and it was the worse of time. Follow-up pictures of event will be your next update.




Lovely. A blog to tell it all. For the most part of it anyway.

So this is where my magic begins. From lowest lows to highest highs, and where those missing tales can be found – it’s here.

See, it usually dies after 1 entry or 2 … after that, I could never hold myself to it to keep stuff like this up to date detail after detail.

Yet I set myself a challenge. I’ll have another go, and go as far as it can.

Bear in mind … I’m really bad with grammatical errors and spelling here and there. So if you’re one of those english majors who can’t sleep at night with a fragmented sentence and a wrongly (that’s not even a word I bet) placed colon, then i hope it drives you crazy as you continue the desire to read on.

Best regards,